Saturday 20 July 2019
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Teaching Youth Leadership Skills

Teaching Youth Leadership Skills

This short article proposes three topics to include to your curriculum when teaching youth leadership skills. The concepts derive from the study of John Maxwell who’s a noted author, speaker, and leadership guru. Youth are certain to gain valuable insight to maximise their leadership potential.

3 Topics

21 Laws and regulations of Leadership

Everything begins and ends with leadership. John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws and regulations of Leadership are full of knowledge. A veteran leader advantages of knowing them. Maxwell is definitely the laws and regulations and provides interesting examples from leaders in a variety of fields as one example of what exactly. What the law states from the lid, for example, asserts that leadership ability may be the lid that determines an individual’s degree of potential.

Hence, if your are lower in leadership ability, he’ll score lower in potential. Here, John Maxwell uses the McDonald siblings to describe what the law states from the lid. Even though the siblings could enter the short food business and get some success, the absence of strong leadership affected remarkable ability to market the franchise concept and also be the organization like Ray Kroc. Based on the law from the lid, the brothers’ low leadership ability negatively impacted their potential.

21 Indispensable Traits of Leaders

Youth have to know what great leaders are constructed with, and John Maxwell’s 21 Indispensable Traits of Leaders is a superb reference tool to depend on when teaching leadership skills. It covers the characteristics of effective leaders. A few of the traits include character, charisma, commitment, courage, focus, passion, and positive attitude. To begin with, teens will become familiar with which characteristics are crucial to as being a good leader. Again, John Maxwell provides models to show the way the traits connect with the leader’s effectiveness. Next, participants uncover which characteristics they previously possess in addition to individuals that should be developed. Make sure to point out that nobody person has all the characteristics outlined within the book.

Amounts of Leadership

Additionally to presenting teens towards the laws and regulations of leadership and also the traits of leaders, instruction concerning the amounts of leadership is important. John Maxwell outlines five stages (position, permission, production, people development, and pinnacle) in the book 5 Amounts of Leadership. These steps reveal natural progression that’s needed to guide winning teams. The aim would be to change from level someone to level 5. At level one people follow you because they need to. However, at level five people follow due to what you are and just what you represent. If youth understand them, they’ll gain momentum and become better prepared when tackling their first leadership position.