Monday 11 February 2019
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Seminars for Managers Cover Several Key Areas

Seminars for Managers Cover Several Key Areas

Changes in business are ongoing. Therefore, management training is a continual process as well. You can take short business management training sessions that last from three days to three years at a time. By taking this initiative, you can develop the skill set needed to handle current challenges and grow with your company.

Types of Management-Related Training

Training covers a large range of management areas, including the following:

  • Strategic management
  • Operations management
  • Finance
  • Public relations
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Secretarial skills

If you want to hone your management skills, you can take management seminars that cover essential management skills as well as senior management training. Motivational leadership is covered as well as effective communication. Courses covering management skills also include negotiation, assertiveness training, and supervision. Coaching and mentoring are included in the listing too.

One of the skill sets that can help you in your career is negotiation. Along with this tool, you are also taught to be more influential and assertive. Businesses thrive when people in an organisation can influence positive outcomes.

When negotiation is the topic, students learn how to develop their expertise in communicating with different personality types or responding appropriately in specific business situations. Attendees cultivate skills that can be applied during a negotiation, a presentation, or a meeting.

Who Should Take the Training?

If you want to excel at negotiation, you can benefit if you are a senior manager, serve as a department director, or currently work in a job that involves conflict resolution. Team leaders and team members, operations managers, and project managers can also benefit when they take training in negotiations.

The objectives of this programme include the following:

  • Develop and apply negotiation skills and methods in various situations
  • Influence people in a positive way
  • Learn what skills are need to behave assertively
  • Learn and apply emotional intelligence to communicate and manage more effectively

The first part of a negotiation course covers negotiation skills. Students learn how to prepare for a negotiation and learn the styles, methods, and skills of successful negotiators. They also learn how to close a business transaction for a win-win result.

This training programme also covers influencing skills. This part of the training analyses the factors that influence people. Learners obtain the information needed to chair and participate in meetings that are productive.

Assertiveness training is also presented. Students are taught the characteristics associated with the behaviour and how to manage difficult people with confidence. They also learn how to receive constructive criticism and offer feedback. Participants learn what it takes to handle aggressive and passive individuals.

If you want to be a better manager, you have access to a wide range of learning opportunities. Sign up for a seminar today so you can be a positive influence in your company.